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I’m passionate about preschoolers, their spontaneity, their creativity, their amazing cognitive and emotional growth.  Preschool education has been my career through the last two decades.  Now offering my own home preschool, I’ve prepared with a BA from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters in elementary education with student teaching in Alameda, certification from the American College of Early Childhood Education, and almost two decades of experience as activities coordinator at Little People’s Workshop, preschool teacher at Marin Day School (now Bright Horizons), private childcare and tutoring, and as the lead Pre-K teacher at the Kangaroo School, all in San Francisco.  I’m certified as a preschool teacher by the state of California and my home program is likewise state licensed.

My goal is to create an emotionally and physically safe and secure environment for the children in my care and strive to offer learning and growth opportunities every day.  My home includes indoor play areas and quiet places, and the safely fenced backyard has both open and covered outdoor play areas and play structure, with appropriate books, toys, and creative materials. Almost daily, we’ll seek new learning experiences at the library, the local elementary school, the beach, fire station, or the park.

I’m fascinated by the uniqueness of every child and do my best to enable each one to grow and thrive. It’s my firm conviction that the preschool years are a crucial and formative time in so many ways and I hope to contribute to that positive growth.  A solid preschool experience is a critical-time investment in your child’s future and I’m honored by the opportunity to be a part of it.

For more information regarding hours, fees, details, etc. please follow this link: PRESCHOOL DETAILS